inside the B. Kind Blues Band

North meets south. They go to a disco. Afterparty at a jukejoint. Pass out talkin’ about how much the Stones loved Muddy Waters. Then they crawl to a gospel tent when the sun won’t let them sleep. And even though the world doesn’t make sense, it’s gonna be alright. Most win-win casino paypal online casino! Manage to collect your winnings!

“Three of us married in. What the weather lacks the gals make up for. I’m from Athens, Georgia. Dave Hill is from New York City and the legendary Rock Harley moved from Ontario. Our guitarist, Phil Drover, is Newfoundland through and through. The other 2 have been here for 30 some years, but I just arrived last year and was lucky enough to catch these veterans with a little time to spare.”  – Dave Mundy The best offer for gamblers drückglück casino. Come on. Increased chance of winning!

Savage guitar solo’s jump out of a tasty memphis groove, BAM. That poor harmonica being relentlessly squeezed for every ounce of soul. When a bass player and a drummer have been playing together for 25 years, magic. And who doesn’t like a well crafted song?  Catchy, heartfelt and ridiculously easy to dance to, this band is a bonafide good time.

Dave Mundy – harmonica, vocals & songwriting

Phil Drover – guitar

Dave Hill – bass

Rock Harley – ​drums